Permanent Eyeliner and Lash Enhancements

A lash enhancement is a permanent makeup procedure that deposits pigment close to the lash line as well as in between the lashes to give a very subtle and natural definition to your eyes.  It leaves you looking refreshed and lashes appear longer.  It also provides a base when applying eyeliner.  The lash enhancement can be done to both upper and lower eyelids, depending on preference. 

For those who want a more dramatic look or religiously wear eyeliner everyday, a permanent eyeliner can be done where the line is thickened beyond just a lash enhancement. You can have natural eyeliner that won't rub off.  Just wake up and go!

These procedures last approximately four years (dependent upon each individual) .  There is slight swelling after treatment but no downtime. Read the article featured in Marie Claire for more information:

Microblading featured on ET Hollywood

For any of you who have been hearing about the latest trend in brows called microblading, here's a great video featured on ET Hollywood that takes you through the microblading process.  The brow queen, Anastasia answers ET's questions and shows how microblading can give you the brows you've always wanted but weren't born with.  Watch the video here:


Local news reports on the hottest trend in permanent makeup - microblading

It was nice to see an article about microblading featured in one of the local papers.  I agree that permanent makeup has come a long way!  Read the article here:

Yet another article praising the benefits of Microblading. Check out InStyle's February article

This InStyle article sums up everything I feel about microblading.  It gives such an amazing effect.  Instant beautifully groomed eyebrows.  Eyebrows are the most important feature on our face.  They frame your face and can make you look years younger.  The impact of having beautiful eyebrows is huge.  It could be that you have no eyebrow hair, patchy or thin eyebrow hair, don't know how to pencil your eyebrows in, or just want beautiful thick brows that you are incapable of growing. Read the article here:

Microblading featured in Marie Claire

Yesterday, Marie Claire featured an article on microblading, praising the new trend.  Looks like microblading is all the rage these days and I can see why.  The natural hair stroke effect is amazing.  Read the article here: