Permanent Eyeliner and Lash Enhancements

A lash enhancement is a permanent makeup procedure that deposits pigment close to the lash line as well as in between the lashes to give a very subtle and natural definition to your eyes.  It leaves you looking refreshed and lashes appear longer.  It also provides a base when applying eyeliner.  The lash enhancement can be done to both upper and lower eyelids, depending on preference. 

For those who want a more dramatic look or religiously wear eyeliner everyday, a permanent eyeliner can be done where the line is thickened beyond just a lash enhancement. You can have natural eyeliner that won't rub off.  Just wake up and go!

These procedures last approximately four years (dependent upon each individual) .  There is slight swelling after treatment but no downtime. Read the article featured in Marie Claire for more information: