-      We require 48 hours notice for cancellations. Any last minute cancellations will result in your deposit being forfeited. 

-      If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will be required to re-schedule and your deposit will be forfeited. This is not a rushed procedure and ample time is allotted for each client.

-      It is your responsibility to read the FAQ section on our website and/or contact our clinic to determine if you are a suitable candidate for any of our procedures.  If you arrive at your appointment with any of the conditions listed on our website and we are unable to perform the procedure, your deposit will be forfeited.

-      Results cannot be guaranteed.  There are many factors that contribute to the healed result and longevity of the tattoo. A touch-up appointment between 4-8 weeks is included in the price. Certain individuals may require additional touch-ups to achieve their desired aesthetic. Additional touch-ups will. be an additional charge. 

-      Although we try our best to achieve optimal results, we can make no guarantees. Each individual will heal differently along with other factors that can contribute to undesirable results. 

-      We have the right to refuse service or end the client relationship at any time. 

-      Pricing is subject to change at any time.  Current pricing listed on our website at the time of booking is current and valid.